Jen & Sergej

Jen & Sergej

Jen contacted me through Shpock, a similar to app to eBay. You can list anything you want to sell on there and so I thought I would advertise my photography, as you never know where your next customer is coming from.



Jen asked me the usual, prices, hours and availability, she wanted to book immediately. A date was arranged and a month later and I turned up at their doorstep. They invited me in to their flat which was very warm and cosy.


Jen knew exactly what she wanted which made my life a lot easier. She wanted black & white shots which had lots of feeling and mood. Personally, I feel black and white photos give so much energy and can be very emotional. They can give the image so much feeling and can be very powerful.



As soon as I set up we began shooting, trying shots we had previously discussed and bouncing ideas of each other. Jen and Sergej were very up for it. They was willing to try anything to make the photos look as good as they could be. I have to admit, so was I. 


Jen wanted a photo of all them all standing in a line with the cat. But the cat was absolutely terrified of me. Jen said that "it takes time for her to get used to new people". Plus I had all my photography gear flashing lights all over the place which didn't help. However we did get the shot in the end. Phew!


Overall I think it was a very successful shoot, the photos came out fantastic as you can see here. These are my favourites from the shoot. Jen & Sergej were really happy with all of them. So all in all mission accomplished, Enjoy.