How to Create Amazing Panning Photos

What you need

- A camera capable of adjusting the settings shutter, speed, etc

- A nicely lit location where motorist will zoom past

- A Steady hand



Step 1 – Setup

First you need to setup the camera to for panning/shooting, here’s what worked best for me. I use back button focus or continuous focus for the best result. If you don’t know what that is just search ‘back button focus’ on YouTube, watch then come back here. I also set my focus to ‘single point focus’ this is how I aim to focus on my subjects in the middle of the frame. I also set my cameras frame rate to ‘Continuous H’ (the quickest your camera can shoot) which gives me more chances of getting a good shot.


Step 2 - Shooting 

The settings which worked for me on my Nikon Z7 was 15 – 20 Shutter speed, aperture 2.8 and ISO 100. You can use these as a place to start and then adjust to your camera. Once you’re in the field what you want to do is focus on your subject while its about to enter your frame, move the camera with the same speed as you subject in a smooth motion from left to right or vice versa. While the subject is in your focus point press the shutter. Try to keep the panning motion as smooth as you can and adjust your settings depending on light available.

Keep trying and trying, practice make perfect. 


Step 3 - The editing

So once you’ve got an amazing shot and you want to make it even better take it into Lightroom and give it a bangin’ edit.

 Once done take it into Photoshop and follow these instructions

 -  Duplicate the layer, one for the background and the other for the subject, label them if you want.

- Now with the background layer you want to use the spot removal tool to remove the subject (bike car) from the background. Leave the shadow!

- Once this is done you then need to select the motion blur filter and add to the BG layer. You can make it seem as fast as you want but I try to keep it realistic.

- Next you want to go to the Subject layer and turn it in to a luminosity mask. To do this hold Alt (MAC) and click the mask button it will be hidden.

- Now select the brush tool and make sure its white then brush the subject back which will appear on top of the BG layer with the super fast motion blur. Work on the edges and keep it as clean as you can.

- Now the subject looks like its going even faster. You can also add this technique to the wheels, etc.

- Once your happy with the edit, flatten layers, save and upload to IG.  


Thanks for taking time to read my tutorial, I will try to do more in near future. Bemoreinspired.