Who is Be More?




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I grew up in a South London and never really saw photography as a career choice. I never really knew what I wanted to be when I growing up, I sort of fell into photography by accident. What I did know it was to be something creative as my highest grade in high school was a ‘B' and that was in Art.

I loved to draw and Art was my passion and once I knew photography was the place for me. I directed all my creative talents to that medium and it taken me to places I’ve never dreamed. I bought my first camera and worked hard to get my work up to a professional standard that has people in ore when they see it.

As a self taught photographer I believe anyone can learn anything and be good at it. It takes hard work, time and consistency. But I feel whatever you want in life can be obtained, you just have to believe in yourself. 

I am currently freelancing as a photographer based in the UK.

I am available for travel assignments worldwide. 

Brands I’ve worked with

Brands I’ve worked with